IBM Storage Area - SAN Volume Controller (SVC) V7 Planning and Implementation Workshop (SNV1G)



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SAN Volume Controller (SVC) V7 Planning and Implementation Workshop (SNV1G) Kurssprache ist... mehr

SAN Volume Controller (SVC) V7 Planning and Implementation Workshop (SNV1G)

Kurssprache ist Deutsch, die Unterlagen sind in englischer Sprache.

This course is designed to leverage SAN storage connectivity by integrating a layer of intelligence or virtualization, the SAN Volume Controller (SVC) to facilitate storage application data access independence from storage management functions and requirements. The focus is on planning and implementation tasks associated with integrating the SVC into the storage area network. It also explains how to:

- Centralize storage provisioning to host servers from common storage pools.
- Facilitate the coexistence and migration of data from non-virtualized to the virtualized environment.
- Improve storage utilization effectiveness using Thin Provisioning and Real-time Compression.
- Implement storage tiering and optimize solid state drives (SSDs) or flash systems usage with Easy Tier.
- Utilize network-level storage subsystem-independent data replication services to satisfy backup and disaster recovery requirements.

Hinweis: Dieses Seminar wird in Zusammenarbeit mit dem offiziellen Partner des IBM Global Training Providers Global Knowledge: Integrata AG oder dem IBM Education Delivery und IBM Sales Partner von Arrow ECS: Fast Lane Institute for Knowledge Transfer GmbH durchgeführt.


Day 1
- Unit 1: Introduction to IBM SAN Volume Controller
- Unit 2: SVC hardware architecture
- Unit 3: SVC planning and zoning requirements
- Unit 4: SVC cluster initialization and user authentication
- Exercises
Day 2
- Review
- Unit 5: SVC storage provisioning
- Unit 6: SVC host access
- Exercises
- Unit 7: Spectrum Virtualize advanced features
- Exercises
Day 3
- Review
- Unit 8: Spectrum Virtualize data migration
- Exercises
Day 4
- Review
- Unit 9: Spectrum Virtualize Copy Services
- Exercises
- Unit 10: SVC administration management
- Exercises


You should:
- Complete Storage Area Networking - Fundamentals (SN71G)
- Have an understanding of the open systems disk storage systems and I/O operations


This intermediate lecture and exercise-based course is for individuals who are assessing and/or planning to deploy networked storage virtualization solutions.


See overview.

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